Previous Events

2019 7th International Workshop on New Challenges in Quantum Mechanics: Integrability and Supersymmetry, Benasque (Spain)

The conference honored Professor Mikhail S. Plyushchay on his 60th birthday. More information in the official webpage and here.

Group photo

2020-2017 “La Parte y el Todo” (The Part and the Whole) – Advanced topics on high-energy physics and gravitation

Since 2017 we organized the summer workshop in Afunalhue, surrounded by the beauty of southern Chile. You can find more information of the previous events in the official webpage.

Group photos 2019  (Courtesy of Andreas Fring and Mauricio Gamonal)

2018 Summer school theoretical physics UACh 2018

We organized a series of lectures aimed for undergraduate and graduate physics students.

More information here (in spanish).

Group photo (Courtesy of Alberto Silva)

2017 Workshop on Integrable Systems, Solitons and Symmetry Methods

In this workshop there were talks on different topics in Theoretical & Mathematical Physics.

More information here (in spanish).