About me

I am a theoretical & mathematical physicist and Associate Professor at the Universidad Austral de Chile.

I did my Physics Bachelor in the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (2005) followed by my PhD. under the supervision of Dr. Mikhail Plyushchay back in 2009. During my thesis “Hidden supersymmetry” we studied different classical and quantum models and their symmetries linked to beautiful mathematical problems.

My first postdoc was at the Centro de Estudios Científicos (CECs) in Valdivia, Chile, where I continued in 2011 as a Junior Researcher funded by Conicyt. Working together with different collaborators, my research interests were expanded into different aspects of gravitation, solitons and black holes solutions. I also studied several phenomena in PT-symmetric quantum mechanics and integrable systems with applications to condensed matter and other areas of physics.

In 2014, I got the Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship and moved to the Leibniz Universität Hannover in Germany to work in the group of Olaf Lechtenfeld. During my stay in Hannover, I investigated integrable many particle systems at classical and quantum level as well as new aspects of soliton theory.

Since 2016, I am working at Universidad Austral, located in the attractive city of Valdivia, in the South of Chile.