7th International Workshop on New Challenges in Quantum Mechanics: Integrability and Supersymmetry

The seventh edition of the International Workshop on New challenges in Quantum Mechanics: Integrability and Supersymmetry will focus on the analysis of relativistic and non-relativistic models of anyons and spinning particles, deformed Heisenberg algebra, non-commutative quantum mechanics, exotic symmetries in quantum mechanics, the Aharonov-Bohm effect, superconformal symmetries, AdS/CFT correspondence, supersymmetric quantum mechanics, integrable systems, and other related topics.

The conference will honor Professor Mikhail S. Plyushchay on his 60th birthday and the program is focused on topics that Mikhail has been working on for many years.

Advisory Committee

– J. Alfaro (Pontifícia U. Católica de Chile)
– J.F. Cariñena (U. Zaragoza, Spain)
– J. Gamboa (U. Santiago de Chile)
– J. Gomis (U. Barcelona, Spain)
– P.A. Horváthy (U. Tours, France)
– O. Lechtenfeld (Leibniz U. Hannover, Germany)
– J.M. Mateos-Guilarte (U. Salamanca, Spain)
– M.A. del Olmo (U. Valladolid, Spain)
– A. Wipf (U. Jena, Germany)